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Carinsurancefor1day.co.uk - a review

carinsurancefor1day.co.uk is a straightforward, basic site suitable for a singular use. Information is well laid out in what appears to be a standard Bootstrap-style grid system. It could, however, be improved by being broken up, as the 'wall of text' style on the front page is not initially engaging to a reader; key points summarised, perhaps, with header drop-down links to more in-depth information.



Throughout the site, the language is thoughtful and engaging, giving a depth to the subject matter with a continuous style. Lexical choices implying the impact of not using short-term car insurance ("Big Brother is watching", "We live in a surveillance society", "Beware the Motor Insurance Database!"), while perhaps invoking a thematic style more akin to a dystopian nightmare than short-term car insurance, are definitely convincing for an on-the-fence reader.



The CSS of the website is based on stock colours, images and font, which is the primary downfall of the site as it gives it an outdated and budget look. The first image seen by a visitor is a 3D model of a car common in style a decade ago, backgrounds and layouts change throughout the site, some pages (notably the 'Contact us!' section) appear to be taken from completely separate sites. Conceptually, the styling of the brand is also confused: the company's logo is used once at the very top of the page, and isn't incorporated any further. A custom colour scheme based on this logo would improve the overall concept, and convince a potential customer of the legitimacy of the company.



Information regarding short-term car insurance is varied and in-depth. A first-time user of the system is given a breadth of knowledge that solidifies the importance of the product, covering every potential user base and situation imaginable.




Beyond these styling issues, carinsurancefor1day.co.uk does a substantial job in promoting and explaining the area of short-term car insurance and, as a whole, is more than adequate for the purpose. Clear and simple, the website provides excellent navigation throughout its impressive store of content while maintaing a convincing tone that is singular in its conviction towards increasing future custom.


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